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tv   [untitled]    May 24, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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tennessee. she met and married ed win johnson, the son of a [inaudible] was a prominent businessman who owned the texas play house and other businesses in san francisco's fillmore district. he became a surgeon and practiced in san francisco and they had three children pamela ed win and daniel. she was an active member in the community in san francisco. she was president of the san francisco branch of the naacp and president of the african american historical and cultural society. she was appointed to the san francisco board of education by mayor george masconi on [inaudible]. she is elected in november 1978 and was running for when she resigned in august because of differences with the
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superintendent and board over desegregation issues. after she was divorced she moved back to georgia where she and her sister cared for her mother who lived to be 101. she lived in atlanta and was torque coordinator. an [inaudible] and led tours to many african countries. she lived her final years in thomasville and fought three battles with cancer until finally succumbing this month. her sister brenda jones and a host of dear friends the world
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over, which i count myself among, her portrait can be seen along with many others on the wall of the el hill hutch community center in the western addition right down the street from here and we express our sincere condolences to the johnson family and honors her as an educational leader. thank you. >> mr. steel. >> i'm sorry. i want to follow up on your report for [inaudible]. i sent you an email on monday at 9:07 am regarding the multilingual pathways presentation. it was supposed to have an attachment including that powerpoint, i neglected that powerpoint, i'm going to forward it to you right now. i want you to know they sent you the information, i just did not attach elt. i apologize and will sends send it to the board right now.
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>> on behalf of of president fewer the board will go into clo >> report of closed session. there is one correction as follows tchl board by a vote of six is, approve the contract of one general [inaudible]. the read out for may 13, 2014 existing litigation the board by a vote by a vote offics is.
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including a monetary payment to the district. this corrects the previous read out of the the board's march 4, 2014 action which erroneously said the board authorized a payment rather than choose a district. other informational items. posted in the agenda is the staff report on the william's uniform complaints. meeting adjourned. >> you have to read tonight's closed session. >> it's right there. >> okay, the read out from this evening's closed session, public employment, may 13, 2014, the public employment by a vote of six is approved the appointment of one principal.
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